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CLICK HERE for a lender financial worksheet with list of required documents. 

This list of documents should be everything required from your lender!

The Short Sale Hardship Letter

One important piece of documentation required by your lender will be the "hardship letter".  The hardship letter is basically a plea
to your lender to accept the short sale.  The hardship letter should be a one page letter, preferably typed, and should also be
signed and dated by all borrowers as well. 
This letter will state the "hardship" that you are in, and explain what circumstances
caused you to no longer be able to afford your home.  Try to make a strong case, and try to relay the desperation of your situation. 
The hardship letter should be brief and to the point, two or three paragraphs at the most.  Many people will end the hardship letter
with a statement such as "please accept a short sale on our home, it seems to be our only solution" or "It seems that a short sale
may be our only alternative to a foreclosure."
How To Short Sale A Home

    CLICK HERE to view some sample hardship letters

CLICK HERE for an article on "How to Write a Hardship Letter"

Short Sale Realtor

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Other important things to note:
  • Work hand in hand with the local Realtor we put you in touch with!  Only the best and most experienced real estate agents make it into our network; you are in good hands!  In addition, most all lenders require that your home is listed on the market for a certain length of time, or at least listed with a Real Estate Agent. Make sure you give them all of the required documentation in a timely manner, as well as any other paperwork needed.  Even though a short sale is usually an "As-Is" sale,  it will usually be helpful to make your home as presentable as possible.  Click here for a great step by step guide on "how to prepare your house for sale".
  • Be patient!  The process is very time consuming, and will usually take several months.  Enjoy the time in your house while you have it, and try not to allow these circumstances to overwhelm you.
  • While real estate does involve legal matters in general, please remember that we are NOT attorneys or CPA's, and you should consider the services of an attorney or appropriate licensed person if legal advice or representation is ever needed.
  • The attached list of items/short sale package are for general purposes only.  Most lenders require different things from home sellers.  The attached list of items is from our collective experience as to what the vast majority of lenders will require from you. CLICK HERE for our lender contact info and forms page, with all lender specific documents.
  • You can also visit our Lender contact info page for your lender's loss mitigation department phone number, however the job of our local agent will be to coordinate all of these details with your lender for you!

Short Sale Lender Form/Short Sale Required Documents

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